Parts and Accesories

At Southwest Bicycle Works we choose bicycle parts which are of proper quality and price for each type of bicycle we work on.


  • Family bikes need parts which will function properly, yet keep the price of the repair reasonable.

  • Commuter bike need parts which will withstand all the conditions they are put through during the year, yet still be reasonably priced.

  • Mountain, Touring, and Race – Sportif bikes are more likely to be determine solely on how they function.

We have selected parts for each category which are of proper quality and price.  Whenever possible we select parts which are made in the UK and the EU, thus keeping the work near home and our carbon footprint down.


If you have any questions about the parts we choose, or what we would recommend for your bike, please contact us.


Southwest Bicycle Works is also happy to help with bicycling accessories you may be interested in. If there is something you are interested in, but not sure if it would be right for you just get in contact with us. We will be glad to listen to your needs and offer our recommendations.