Family Bicycles

Having families of of our own, we here at Southwest Bicycle Works have have a complete understanding of the necessity for bicycles to function properly and safely.  From adjusting stabilizers to setting up BMX/freestyle bikes, we have the knowledge and experience to service all your family bikes.

Southwest Bicycle Works uses parts which will make your Families bikes work the way they are suppose to, yet not break your bank. We want your family to be able to ride bicycles that works the way they are designed to.


Most Children’s bicycles from Box stores and many Bicycle shops are never assembled properly from the start, and thus children get blamed for things they have not done to the bike. At Southwest Bicycle Works we want children to that are functioning properly and safely, so we are offering a £15.00 service on all children's bikes. Please contact us for details and to schedule a service for your child's bicycle.


Children's Bicycle Service: We will Check the bike to make sure everything is assembled and adjusted properly, and correct and adjust anything that is not. Parts are often not required for this service, but if parts are needed they will be in addition to the service fee and we will inform you of what is needed before we make the repair. This service is for bicycles with wheel sizes up to 24 inches.


Service fee £15.00


General Family Bicycle Service: This service is for adult family bicycles (bicycles with wheel sizes 26 inches or larger). We will check the bicycle to make sure it is functioning properly and make the proper adjustments as needed. Any parts that may be required will be in addition to the service fee, and we will inform you of what is needed before we make the repair.


Service fee £25.00


Individual Repairs: Individual Repairs are charged appropriately for the repair being made. We will let you know up front what the repair will cost. Please contact us for a free estimate.